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How We’ve Helped Our Clients


One Simple Example…

Clients bought a house with the idea of one of the spouses selling their existing home. They could not qualify traditionally to cover both homes at the last minute as the additional home had not sold.

The broker was able to obtain 75% LTV at Optimum on the purchase, leaving them $70K short to close.

QMS provided a 2nd mortgage blanketed over both properties to cover the difference.

Once the other home was sold QMS partially discharged the mortgage allowing the clients to pay down part of the 2nd mortgage.


Our Client Experiences:

I got the best possible rate right away without playing the bargain game. Very professional service, quick turn-around, great communication. Will recommend (my mortgage professional) to anyone. I had a complicated case which was handled with ease.
(My mortgage professional) was extremely helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. She was always willing to answer questions.
(My mortgage professional) has exceptional patience and response times. I always find her extremely knowledgeable and up to date with current information.
Best experience ever. Have already recommended (my mortgage professional) to friends. We'll use him again guaranteed. He's outstanding.
All I can say is that (my mortgage professional) made everything so easy and I hope that everyone enjoys the ease I experienced in purchasing my first home.
Simply outstanding service. Things were clear and always on time.
Everything was quick and painless. I received good advice that was appropriate to my circumstances, a referral to a very good lawyer, and most importantly, a resolution to my financial problems.

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